1. Afro Boricua
2. Yubá Medley
3. Seshuque y Balance
4. San Tomás
5. El Gallo Canta
6. El Conde De Loíza
7. Amalia
8. Meliton Tombé
9. Rulé Son Da
10. Majestad Negra
11. El Doctor Guenaga
12. Lamento Boricano
13. Seís Corrido Medley
14. El Belén

Group Afro Boricua offers audiences around the world the excitement and beauty of an experience as vital today ass it was in its origins. Original arrangements expose the remarkable talents of these gifted musicians and performers and give newline to a rich and colorful folklore. The frantic rhythms of the Bomba grow out of the African slave experience in colonial Puerto Rico. As in other Caribbean music, the drumming styles, the call and response signing and the improvisational dancing that make up the Bomba can be traced to their West African origins.